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Why red flare?

red flare is an enterprise wide solution that collects, collates, and communicates key information on the effectiveness of the management structure, processes and controls.

Its RAG (Red Amber Green) traffic light summary of progress on strategic objectives, scale and scope of risks faced, failing or ineffective internal controls, deviation or non-compliance with statutory, industry or internal standards ensures that management are quickly aware of the business areas that require additional focus.


From realising that an area is operating poorly, in the time it takes to make just a few clicks, the management team can drill into the data and locate the Internal Audit test that raised concerns, or the risk treatment that is operating ineffectively, or the task that is late.

red flare allows your team to stop managing reports, spreadsheets and templates; and instead use that time to manage the business.

Tiered enterprise suite

red flare is deployed as a suite of integrated modules, which you can combine to create a solution that meets your GRC needs. The key modules to choose from are

Standard, Professional and Enterprise grades are available for all modules

Cloud based

red flare is a cloud based solution offering state of the art security and implementing best practice business continuity procedures. Our annual subscription model requires no up-front capital expenditure.

You can add additional modules to your subscription at any time, or upgrade from Standard to Professional or Professional to Enterprise, to avail of additional functionality.

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