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Red Flare Audit Manager – Is a unique platform to allow users manage their audit obligations throughout the entire organisation. Our software provides the flexibility to support internal audits, operational audits, IT audits, statutory audits and many other audit engagements. It is easy to setup, simple to use and extremely comprehensive. This solution is ideal for large and small audit teams. Move away from complicated spreadsheets or word documents and allow Red Flare Audit Manager save your organisation time and money.

Red Flare Audit Manager is easy to populate with existing audit programmes through our simple import routines. Extremely easy to use, you can design your own audit plan and programmes to make Red Flare Audit Manager fit your environment or organisation’s needs.


  • Saves time and frees up resources
  • No more manual reports
  • Simple import routines
  • Instant reporting
  • Track your audit recommendations
  • Track your audit responses
  • Full audit trail
  • Very easy to use and intuitive
  • Cloud enabled or In Premises install
  • Small monthly subscription fee
  • No large capital outlay
  • Short term contracts.


Red Flare Audit Manager is rich with features and functions designed to streamline the audit environment of its users. The product is extremely robust and can be tailored for most audit environments, such as internal audit, statutory audit, operational audits, etc. Multiple audit programmes and plans will run seamlessly. Ad hoc audits can be designed and deployed with specific terms of reference.

Red Flare Audit Manager enables the user to create audit categories and subcategories for planning purposes. Simply populate these with your audit questions and you are ready to commence auditing.

The KPI’s and audit management dashboards clearly show you the status of the current audit and tasks to complete. Tiered Access Controls have been designed to enable differing levels of signoff /approval, depending on your role.

Red Flare Audit Manager also acts as a secure document repository for all audit evidence, correspondence, valuations, emails, etc., in any format type.

Other Functionality

  • Summary dashboard on login
  • Regulatory reporting supported
  • Quick reference and search functions
  • Import audit questionnaires
  • Email notifications and alerts
  • Immediate oversight
  • Set scope & objectives
  • Detailed reports (see below)
  • Tiered access control
  • Reference library


  • Red Flare Audit Manager has developed a suite of reports by incorporating best practice reporting standards and user feedback to meet all the needs of its users such as: the Audit Manager, Audit Committee, Statutory Auditor, CEO, Management Team and Board of Directors.
  • The reporting function is constantly growing and evolving to meet the needs of the maturing and expanding requirements of our clients.
  • Reports can be tailored and filtered ensuring only relevant information is used for reporting
  • Red Flare provides instant reports containing data which is are comprehensive and flexible, in PDF or excel.
  • A sample of the reports generated are as follows:
    • Full Audit Plan
    • Full Audit Report
    • Summary Audit Report
    • Audit Recommendations – All, Open, Closed, Overdue
    • Audit Recommendations, incorporating responses for relevant party (recipient)

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