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Is your strategic plan a living document or sitting on a shelf collecting dust entombed in a three ring folder? Red Flare Strategy Manager – Allows users to address the business challenges faced with managing, implementing, assessing and reporting on the strategy of the organisation in one integrated solution. It is easy to setup, simple to use and extremely comprehensive. Move away from complicated spreadsheets or word documents and allow Red Flare Strategy Manager save your organisation time and money.

Red Flare Strategy Manager can clearly link strategic initiatives to organisational goals and KPIs with simple summary views. This will enable the management team and directors to monitor the impact of strategic initiatives against their goals via status reports and updates. This in-turn will drive accountability across the organisation with greater insight into the effectiveness of initiatives. Allocate budget appropriately by identifying the highest priority initiatives, to ensure you achieve business goals.


  • Improve performance
  • Clearly communicate strategy
  • Prioritise initiatives
  • Link strategic initiative to goals
  • Embeds strategy
  • Monitor impact of initiatives
  • Facilitates easy assessments
  • Manage Multiple Strategies
  • Cloud enabled or In Premises install
  • Small monthly subscription fee
  • No large capital outlay
  • Short term contracts.


Red Flare Strategy Manager will enable the user to quickly import the Strategic Plan of the organisation. The plan can then be subdivided into objectives, initiatives, allocate tasks / targets to individuals and assess against projections. By subdividing the strategic plan this way, it now becomes a living / breathing document with clear ownership, thus embedding strategy at all levels of the organisation.

Monitoring, assessment and reporting now become very easy, thus giving the organisation a much greater likelihood of achieving its strategic objectives.

For organisations with multiple business units, Red Flare Strategy Manager can facilitate multiple plans. The product is extremely robust and can be tailored for all most any strategic environment e.g. Credit Unions, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Banks, Charities, all Regulated Entities, etc.

A sample of the functionality is set out below, but to experience the real power of Red Flare Strategy Manager and how it will streamline strategy in your organisation, arrange a demo.

Other Functionality

  • Document executive summary
  • Document initiatives
  • Record tasks & measures
  • Individual task manager
  • Email notifications and alerts
  • KPI & Goal status oversight
  • Year-end clone & copy strategies
  • Document attachment function
  • Full performance assessment
  • Full assessment audit trail


  • Red Flare Strategy Manager has developed a suite of reports by incorporating best practice reporting standards and user feedback to meet all the needs of its users.
  • The reporting function is constantly growing and evolving to meet the needs of the maturing and expanding requirements of our clients.
  • Red Flare provides instant reports containing data which is are comprehensive and flexible, in PDF or excel.

Contact us to learn how Red Flare redflare.strategy will help your organisation.