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red flare in the Cloud

Our Cloud solution attracting new and existing clients.

red flare is available in the Cloud. We provide our solutions through the Microsoft Azure cloud service which is available in 140 countries.

Work from anywhere

With red flare based in the Cloud, all you need is a browser and access to the Internet. The service is available 24/7 from anywhere at anytime. Just connect over our encrypted connection using your logon credentials (URL, username and password) and the system is available.

No capital expenditure with our Azure Cloud solution

With red flare in the Cloud you make no capital investment as we provide and manage the server resources required to give you a robust, secure service. We have deployed red flare on the Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure which is available in 140 countries. We chose Microsoft Azure because of its investment in the latest infrastructure technologies, with its focus on high reliability, operational excellence, high availability and its trustworthy reputation.

The service is based in Ireland, Security is practically bulletproof, with all the international security standards in place. Data protection is based on Irish data protection law and red flare adheres to all data protection guidelines.


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