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Not for profit and charity

Over the past number of years the Not for Profit and Charity Sector in Ireland has had to complete an exhaustive overhaul of how it conducts itself and the journey is only beginning.

Regulatory changes

As a result of the sweeping changes to the sector over the past number of years ‘Governance, Risk, Compliance and Strategy’ are all now words that are firmly on the agenda of Boards across the country.

So whether you’re still on the adoption journey or have embedded the principals of The Governance Code, Red Flare will provide a user friendly and tailored solution to fit your organisation’s need.The legislation is here and regulation is coming.

Charities Regulatory Authority

The Regulatory Authority has been established and has been empowered to ensure the provisions of the Charities Act 2009 are being adhered to. Red flare will help organisations to embed a culture of good governance practices. Red flare will help organisations to manage and implement;

  • Risk Management
  • Compliance Management
  • Corporate Governance
  • Internal Audit
  • Strategic Management

Implementation of a resource as comprehensive as Red flare will provide organisations the supports required to embed good governance practices allowing for the focus of the Board to remain on performance optimisation and not chasing compliance.

Cloud or on-premises deployment

Red flare provides organisations with the most comprehensive platform of solutions that actively manages and efficiently builds on governance, risk management and compliance processes to help meet the organisations objectives including a Compliance Manager built and tailored specifically to the provisions of the Governance Code. Our solutions are ideal for any type and size of organisation.


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