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Customer support

Online portal

An online support portal ( is available 24×7 and clients can login using their registered email address.

Learn how to use the system by watching video walk-throughs, or reading the online user guide. Share experiences in the online user forum with other red flare users. Read our knowledge base to learn more about risk assessment techniques, or management processes.

The support portal also allows you to track the status, and review the history of any unresolved issues you have.

The online portal is available to all clients on all subscription plans.

Standard live support

Standard live telephone and online support is available during normal Irish business hours – Monday to Friday 9:00am to 5.30pm. Our support team can be reached by phone, email or via online chat. If required they can, with your permission, take control of your machine remotely to demonstrate a system feature, or in the event of a fault to diagnose or resolve an issue.

Standard live support is available to all clients on all subscription plans.

Out of hours support

Non-standard, Out of hours, and weekend support are available as an add-on on Enterprise plans only. If you require this service, contact your account manager to learn more.