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Pricing FAQ’s

How is the price calculated?
The price is based on the modules required. Our team will help you to establish which areas of the system are most relevant to your requirements and then prepare a full quotation.

What is included in my subscription?
The Red Flare system comes with full on-line training and support for users through our extensive Knowledge Base. We also offer on-site training which is charged on a daily rate basis.

What if there is only going to be a small group of people within the firm using the software?
Red Flare can be deployed in a number of ways to ensure it fits with the way that you want it to work.

What if I only want to use one module?
Red Flare can provide a bespoke package to suit any requirements, whether this is one module or all modules, please contact us to discuss your needs in more detail.

How is payment made?
The majority of our clients pay by monthly direct debit.

Is there a trial available?
We don’t typically provide trial access but will work with you to give you enough visibility to the software and its capabilities to be comfortable in implementing this within your business.

Is there an upfront fees?
There are no upfront fees and your subscription includes full system setup.

Are there any additional fees?
Your price includes all you need to run the system effectively and efficiently with full access to the Red Flare knowledge base and direct contact to our client support team, we do offer additional compliance support and on-site training that may be chargeable.

What about future updates and releases?
Red Flare will always provide our users with the best in governance, risk, and compliance technology, we are constantly making improvements to the system that will be automatically updated free of charge.

What is the contract period?
The standard contact period is 12 months. 24 and 36 month contracts are also available.