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Committee meetings

Location Unit 1 + 4, Block 1 Northwood Court, Santry, Dublin 9.

Date February 1st 2019

This is a classroom based practical training session in how to use redflare.governance to record board decisions.
On completion of this course, you will be able to
  • Schedule a meeting
    • Invite attendees
  • Design an ad hoc agenda
  • Design a standard agenda template
  • Record attendance at meetings
    • Record absences
    • Record apologies
    • Report on attendance
  • Record decisions
    • Record discussion of topic
    • Attach supporting documents
    • Record vote taken
    • Record dissension
  • Produce minutes
  • Create follow-up tasks for decisions
    • Track task completion
The course will be held from 10am to 1pm in the red flare offices, and places are limited to 8 participants.

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