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Fundamentals of risk

Location redflare Head Office, Unit 1 + 4, Block 1, Northwood Court, Santry, Dublin 9.

Date September 21st 2018

Learning outcomes

  • Identifying cognitive overload
  • Recognising how risk modelling addresses cognitive overload
  • Defining risk
    • Probability
    • Impact
    • Exposure
  • List PRISM categories
  • Apply a risk taxonomy (PRISM)
  • Classify risk by category
  • Define risk capacity
  • Define risk appetite
  • Define risk buffer

These concepts will then be applied to a training instance of red flare. Each participant will log on to a training instance of red flare and configure red flare to apply an assessment and calculation model, configure probability, impact and exposure on red flare, load a risk taxonomy and classify risks by the taxonomy; apply capacity and appetite limits by risk sub-category and use the capacity appetite tile to analyse their risk register, produce the operational risk reserve calculation report.

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